April 21-22, Farnborough Exhibition Centre
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Look who’s talking

Iain Gordon – President, KNX UK
Enno Vandermeer – CEO/Founder, Roon Labs

EI Live! 2019 is very excited to announce some of the speakers who will be speaking in the Technical Theatre at this year’s show.
Heading the speaker line-up for 2019 is… Iain Gordon, president of KNX UK, who will be talking about what makes a system future-proof, covering; “As the first generation of smart buildings reach an age where users want to make changes and add new functionality, they are discovering how expensive it can be if you don’t plan for the future from the outset.”

Enno Vandermeer the founder of Roon Labs is another addition to the speaker list. Enno Vandermeer will be talking about the wonderful world of high-quality music streaming. With products that span the software and hardware part of this equation. Enno is perfectly placed to explain how to get the best from high-performance digital music and multi-room systems.


Hugo Fitzjohn – Educations Manager, Meridian Audio.

Hugo Fitzjohn, educations manager at Meridian Audio will also be talking at EI Live! 2019; covering streaming services and how to make multiroom audio more profitable.

Hugo Fitzjohn expands on the topics he will be addressing at EI Live! saying, “It’s interesting that we are seeing audio sources in households becoming increasingly diverse. Long gone are the days of a multichanger CD player in a cupboard; we’ve got an internet brimming with various flavours of audio streams including podcasts, live internet radio, on demand services, Soundcloud, as well the likes of Spotify and Tidal etc. I also think it’s interesting to look at how people are actually using the spaces in their homes. Why put mediocre audio throughout the whole house when instead we can deliver excellent experiences in few key room rooms in the house? For example, install great audio in the kitchen and dispense with putting anything in the guest bedrooms! You can deliver better performance and better margin for businesses. The profitability of installation labour is slowly being squeezed and as an industry we are often limited by the availability of a skilled labour force.”

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