April 21-22, Farnborough Exhibition Centre
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The latest floorplan unveiled

A lot has been going on behind the scenes in preparation for EI Live! 2019, with regular updates via the Essential Install Magazine, posts and videos on social media, a monthly newsletter hitting the inboxes of those signed up, and not to mention a fast-growing exhibitor list. There are also things we are not able to reveal yet, but we are excited to and you will remain well informed via all our channels in the coming weeks.

As our exhibitor list continues to grow and now that the visitor registration doors are officially open, we thought we would unveil a copy of the latest floorplan. Whether you want to start mapping out who you would like to visit at the show, or you want to see what spaces are left to exhibit make sure you have checked out the layout of the new venue. A list of current exhibitors you will see at the show can also be found below:


CYP AWE Designflow Sensible Heat Indigo Distribution
Aerials & Cables Tenways Bespoke Telecoms OneAV
Redline PictureFrameTV Monitor Audio SY Ltd Blustream
Meridian Audio Ltd Pulse Cinemas CYP Antiference Smart AV
Cabcon Gallo Acoustic RGB Savant Rako Controls Hamilton Litestat
FS Cables Epson Visualization Habitech Faradite
Aldous Systems Pulse Eight Coordinated Elan