April 21-22, Farnborough Exhibition Centre
+44 (0)1634 673163

Why you should be exhibiting at EI Live! 2019

By pushing boundaries that have yet to be explored by any UK trade show in the automation and AV market, EI Live! 2019 has been constructed to deliver a unique nexus of industries, products, exhibitors and attendees, that will drive business and create new opportunities.

As the worlds of automation, audio visual systems and smart utilities reach an awareness level and technical sophistication never before seen, all of those involved will need to hone their offering to take maximum advantage.

Why exhibit?

Here are 10 key reasons why EI Live! 2019 is the place to be:

  1. Increase profitability: With the new expanded format exhibitors will now be able to reach a wider target market. This offers exhibitors a unique opportunity to expand their business and increase profitability both long and short-term.
  2. Meet potential customers and cement business ties with existing ones: The show’s wide cross section of exhibitors will draw in a plethora of visitors who will maximise on the new show layout to meet new companies; understanding what systems and services are available to them as well as explore the full potential of existing contacts.
  3. To remain forward thinking: EILive! 2019 will provide the crucible within which the UK smart and AV sectors will be forged for the coming years. Make sure you are in the mix of this cutting-edge development.
  4. Expand your knowledge: The show will offer unique learning experiences and give exhibitors a chance to hear about new industry trends and hot topics; while also being able to benchmark new competitors.
  5. Excellent transport links and ease of access: The venue offers thousands of free commercial vehicle friendly parking spaces – simply drive up, park up and walk in. 
  6. To receive exclusive content & marketing materials: EI Live! 2019 will do something for exhibitors never before seen in the industry… That being provide tailored social post, new personalised video content to use at your own disposal and the opportunity to enter an exclusive competition and win prizes.
  7. To make an impact with an exclusive product launch: EI Live! provides a platform for which exhibitors can maximise on the opportunity to launch new products or research that will captivate an audience.
  8. To demonstrate exactly what you can help your customers achieve.
  9. Network with other professionals: Staying up-to-date with emerging technologies in the industry can be as simple as spending time with your peers. The show provides an excellent chance to network and make new alliances
  10. To improve brand awareness and reach new markets: As EI Live! 2019 is expanding into new markets and increasing its marketing efforts, now is the prime opportunity to capitalise on this to increase brand awareness.

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