Technical Theatre 2020 – Knowledge is Power

William Hopkins

William Hopkins
Intrinsic Dev

Top 5 Industry Trends of 2019 – What can we learn from them?

Focusing on the five of the key trends in the smart home industry from 2019, we will look at the impact they have had on the Audio-Visual installers and integrators. We will reflect on how the emergence of these trends has forced the industry evolve and adapt to the new challenges and situations.  In analysing these trends, we will look how installers can capitalise on them and ensure continuing profitability within in their business. Of course, as we look over these five key trends we’ll surmise where they may take us in the future.

William Hopkins is a global leader in the field of smart homes and future technologies. He is a KNX Partner, Member of the British Computer Society and Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, with a portfolio of automation technology qualifications far too long to list.

Originally a legal scholar, William traded the law in favour of his entrepreneurial streak for technology, subsequently founding several companies including Core Programming (Now Intrinsic Group) and Your Smart Home, which alongside boasting an exclusive list of high profile clients, was awarded “Most innovative smart homes – UK” in 2016 by TMT

Will is currently CEO of Intrinsic Group Limited and its global support and retail subsidiary Intrinsic Dev. He also holds a directorial role in Your Smart Home. Driven by his passion, he retains an active, hands on approach and frequently provides consultancy to product manufacturers, government bodies, academic institutions, and associated industries here in the UK, Europe and the USA, in addition he is also a guest contributor to several industry publications.

Andy Oattes

Andy Oattes

HI-FI to CI to CI-FI & WHY?

Technology consistently disrupts consumers ability to enjoy their audio content in the way that they’d like. Recent technological advances have now made it much easier to provide the best audio performance for our clients. We will look at how we achieve the balance between the content and the user experience, most importantly of all, what’s the optimum business model?

Andy Oattes is the Sales Director of OneAV UK, a pan-European distribution company specialising in connectivity solutions for the Residential and commercial sectors.

With a strong background in custom installation, consumer audio and Hi-FI, he has worked within export markets and the UK domestic market with a career spanning more than two decades. Andy has not only worked with the cream of UK based Hi-Fi companies such as Naim Audio and Linn but also with leading global brands such as Focal, SONOS and Libratone.

Andy is a passionate believer in music and have faith that the market will grow to enjoy better quality reproduction through higher bit-rate content and simpler control. Ci-Fi (custom install fidelity) is a term and focus that I have been developing for some time.

Specialising in Audio, stereo system and distribution systems, but engaged with all aspects of CI.

Hugo Fitzjohn

Hugo Fitzjohn
Meridian Audio

Sell clients experiences…

When selling systems to clients whether it be lighting, control, network, multi-room audio, cinema or any combination of these it’s often the easy route to focus on specification sheets and equipment lists required for a project. The reality is that most clients don’t know what each line items means to them other than less money in their wallet, thus eroding any sense of value. In this session we’ll look how we can leverage emotional engagement and refocus how we approach selling potentially complex systems and give clients the value that they are looking for whilst improving your profitability.

Hugo joined Meridian Audio in 2014 with a wealth of experience in the AV industry as International Sales Consultant, where he has successfully driven Meridian’s business growth across multiple overseas markets.

Hugo has also played a crucial part in establishing Meridian’s Design and Specification Service as a market-leading resource for dealers looking to create the very best home theatre experience for their clients. As an experienced presenter and trainer, Hugo has developed and run CEDIA-certified training sessions focusing on a wide range of topics in the AV industry, from Two Channel system setup to whole-home Hi Res Audio solution design. Hugo’s is actively involved with the development of the industry, he sits on CEDIA’s Professional Development Advisory Council, is the Chairman of CEDIA’s Technical Working Group, contributes to CTA and CEDIA standards and last but by no means least is the curator of the technical theatre at the this year’s EI Live show.

Mike Ranpura

Mike Ranpura
Smart Life AV

CEDIA through the eyes of a technology integrator

Mike will guide you through his personal journey with CEDIA, from becoming a member in 2016 to currently serving as a CEDIA Commissioner. He will explain how you can maximise your membership investment and take advantage of various benefits such as the Outreach Instructor, Member of Excellence and Certification programs to help you elevate your own business. With first-hand experience, he will provide unbiased insight into what approaches work best, reveal what the future holds for the association and how you can get involved.

Mike Ranpura is the Director of London based technology integration firm Smart Life AV. Smart Life AV was established in 2014 and operates primarily in the residential sector. In 2019, Smart Life AV was recognised as one of the first ten companies worldwide to achieve CEDIA Advanced Member status.

Mike is also a CEDIA Accredited Presenter was nominated for the CEDIA Young Achiever award in 2019. He has also earned the CEDIA Certified Technician and Networking Specialist accreditations. Mike currently serves as a CEDIA Commissioner developing the future certification program for the industry.

Tom Garratt

Tom Garratt
Trinnov Audio

Demystifying Immersion

Tom Garrett is an International Sales manager for Trinnov Audio, a French based manufacturer.

A passionate instructor with a focus on home cinema and a deep understanding of immersive audio, Tom goes to great lengths to make these topics accessible and relevant to all.

Tom started his career over 20 years ago as a sales assistant with a CEDIA UK founding member, where he soon discovered his love of home cinema and integrated technology. He then progressed his career in the custom installation arena before co-launching a distribution company where he successfully introduced a number of well known North American brands to the UK market. Trinnov Audio was later added to the brand portfolio: the French brand was so impressed with his technical ability that he was recruited by them!

Tom is originally from Wales, a small remote part of the UK that is known for its love of rugby, rain and singing.

When at home he enjoys cycling with his family and coaching mini’s rugby.

Davy Currie

Davy Currie
Infracore Home Technology Consulting

Diversify or Die!

The speed at which our industry is evolving is forcing us to continuously make changes to how we operate. How do you maintain a decent profit whilst frequently re-inventing the wheel? And really how quickly is the technology advancing? I’ll be putting forward some interesting facts and figures to answer this question and thoughts on how to keep up.

I’ve asked some industry friends in different positions from manufacture to installation and may have uncovered a winning formula which we can all follow. As well as exploring some thoughts on where we’ll be in 5, 10 and 15 years, I’ll be looking at the strategies, tools, hacks and help available for all of us. From competing with the big dogs and hedge betting to crystal balls and the SOS.

Davy Currie is the Managing Director of Infracore Home Technology Consultancy, Founder of Infracore Group (a new start-up accelerator for the AV & Integrated Systems sector) and sits on a board as Non-Executive Director with two other home technology companies. He started out sixteen years ago, climbing the Custom Installation ladder for over ten years and moving into Consultancy in 2014. Davy is on a mission to fundamentally change the landscape, standardise, professionalise and bring the home technology sector in line with all other construction industry disciplines. Having been both ‘supplier’ and ‘client’, Davy now successfully walks the tightrope between the two, making sure that clients understand and agree what they’re buying, get what they pay for and pay for what they get. When not ‘ON’ Davy offsets his love for cigars with his love for running and is happiest when at home with his wife, two sons and dog.